Saturday, December 31, 2011

It has been a long time since I've posted, and I decided to close the year by at least saying "Happy New Year" to everyone.  2011 was a rough year, not just for me, but for the whole country.  I lost a niece-in-law at age 29, and 2 aunts (my Mom's sisters) within a week...I have one very special Aunt left.  Many of my friends also lost loved ones.
As I reflect on this year, there were happy events, too - the marriage of my niece, my husband turning 60, a new kitty in our lives.  I feel my art is getting better and I look forward to more time to dedicate to my musings and creations. 
May you all have a wonderful New Year beginning, and may it continue throughout 2012.  It will be an important year for our country as we look towards a very interesting election.  Please be responsible, let your representatives know what is important to you and VOTE!  If you don't vote, please don't complain :o)

Take care and see you next year!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am so very excited!  Yesterday I received my first check for sales of items I had on consignment at our local gift shop, The Cottage Exchange.  It is a wonderful shop in downtown Dixon, CA, and is host to a variety of items from local artists.  Please check out the pictures she has posted and if you're ever near Sacramento, CA, we're just 15 minutes west on I80...we'd love to have you stop by!
It's October and Halloween (my favorite) is just around the corner!  Halloween Triptychs was a swap I hosted in AAVD with wonderful results!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ok, I had to add this one after visiting my friend Di's blog!  She has a picture of a dragonfly on her flowers by her mailbox.  Hers has a 2-eyed head and mine looks like a cyclops!  Check it out on di-did-it (see link below).
This is a favorite of mine...Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion.  I made this for an AAVD swap of 4" x 6" healing cards and I must say I love it!  I should have made two LOL!  Anyway, my friend who received it was very happy with it, and that's what is important!  We can all use a little healing these days.

Well, that was quick! I forgot I made 2 bottle charms for my dear friends Robin and Dove!  These were so fun to do, and I need to make more!

Then I also made some 2" x 2"'s for Altered Art of Visions and Dreams.  The first 3 I hooked together on a long piece of ribbon (Sept. swap), the second set was for the October swap.  Tiny little bits of fun!

Well, yesterday was my 58th birthday!  I spent it fishing with my husband (I caught 2, he caught 1) and putting around in quiet coves in our little boat, Sparky.  The day before, my dear friend and neighbor took us and my mom-in-law out to a delicious lunch.  I received many good wishes and extra special news that my niece got a job!  Awesome!  Each passing year and birthday celebrated is more important to me and I keep trying to make the best of them.  This weekend I'll be celebrating with my Uncle Bob who turned 90 on the same day (Oct. 12).  Let's see, 90-58= 32...YIKES!  That doesn't seem like a lot of time in some respects.  This is where you start really thinking about making your mark in this life, on this beautiful blue marble called Earth.
I've treated myself to a Domino Book class and am anxious to start...but I also have many other things to work on; no matter how hard I try to be organized, I have to laugh it off and just say, "It will all get done in time!"
Thanks for stopping by - I hope to post some art very soon!

Monday, September 19, 2011

TaDAAAAH!!  Here is the new addition to our little family - Buddy Davis, born May 1, 2011!  He is an absolute total joy and our older cat, Dixie, is starting to enjoy his company, too!  You can often hear the pitter patter of little horses galloping at a lightening pace back and forth, from one end of the hallway to the other.  And we have the pleasure of experiencing all the little "kitten tricks" that we haven't seen in years!  There is the sideways run with arched back, fur fluffed, when he sees his mirror image; he has learned to fetch the catnip pillow when thrown from the bed down the hall, bounding at high speed off the bed, legs spread out like a flying squirrel, then with pillow in mouth, returns it to be thrown again.  He will carry the pillow, look for one of us and then drop it at our feet to beg another toss.  He talks more than a normal kitten, answering us with specific meows, and sits crying in the window when we are outside...he's too young for the outdoors still, but we know his older brother Dixie will have his paws full!
Every day is a new day for Buddy, and also for us.  We miss our Nestle, and though Buddy is not a replacement, he has filled a hole in my heart that needed attention more than I thought.  Funny how an animal can be that perfect companion at times; if he would only stay a kitten...he is already growing into his ears faster than we want.  Alas, he will be a great adult!
Thanks for stopping by!  Meoooow! 

This year is zooming by, but I finally did finish my Bella Donna Class at Roses on my table!  This is such a new process for me - melting wax and oil pastels to name a few - and I had a great time experimenting!
thanks for stopping by...there is more to come!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On a lighter note, here is a domino necklace I made for a friend's friend.  It looks better in hand than in the picture...either way, I'm very happy with it.  It has been fun taking classes at Roses on My Table...learning new tachniques and actually trying different applications that I think of myself.  Love adding rhinestones on the back!

Monday, July 25, 2011

We have all heard too many times how "life is short", "stop and smell the roses", "live your dreams...". 
Yesterday, after coming home from a wonderful weekend with my family and friends, I logged into my art group e-mail and learned that a member of an art group I am in had passed away.  In an earlier post, I uploaded pictures of a page that was going into a book for Betty Miller - it was the "Kindred Spirits for Betty" project, initiated by Cristina Zinnia Galliher, owner of Roses on My Table art group.  So many members who knew her very well, or for only a few weeks, and even those who had never met Betty, all came together to create a book - which turned into 3 books - expressing not only 'well wishes', but how much she meant to all of them.
I was one who had just befriended Betty in the group and it is through this out-pouring of affection and tribute that I have gotten to know how much Betty touched people's lives.  I am so very happy that I contributed a page, touching her life in such a small way...not knowing how much she touched mine and will continue to as I long as I am a member of Roses on My Table.
I have experienced the loss of many family members and friends; it will never get easier, but so much can be learned, so much can be shared.
So, today take a little time to appreciate what you have around you, stop and smell the roses, love one another and live your dreams.
God Bless you, Betty, and condolences to you family and friends.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Art House Co-op has already started their 2012 Sketchbook Tour prep work.  Books are being sold and titles are being chosen.  Yes...I have mine already!  I hope to get a blog badge soon to advertise this wonderful event!  For now, I need to just let the ideas flow in as I work on several projects that are due and keep my muse's eyes open for my chosen theme, "In Fifty Years". 

There are also times when art just doesn't come out the way you to make up for it, I tangled on the back of this 4 x 4...another part of the Spring Fling swap.  Next will be the hard board book - need to get on the muse about that!  thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful summer!

Here are 2 ATC's for my friend as part of our Spring Fling swap.  Sometimes procrastination helps one come up with ideas LOL!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just a little fun project I started 2 years ago!  The "face" is an iron-on patch with 2 buttons.  I fell in love with this piece of fabric and it all fell together.  First, I covered a 4" x 4" canvas with the fabric (staple gun).  I added the face & pins, then let it sit while life went rolling on its way.  Last year, after my husband gave me an old drill of his, I drilled holes in the sides.
Now, many months later, while watching baseball & resting I finally created the wire & bead antennae.  The earrings were added when I attached the face.  A little glue on the end of the wire, fit nicely into each hole and an extra dab of glue on the base bead.  Voila!  Another little art piece to hang on my bathroom wall.
It will remind me to smile and laugh at myself a little more...maybe not worry so much about things.
Thanks for stopping by!

This is the front and back of a page I did for the workshop group, "Roses on my Table".  A member of the group is having health issues and the group decided to do a "Kindred Spirit" book of warm, healthy wishes.  How can I pass that up?  Although I didn't know about her until now, we all have the commonality of being 'artists', and we share a kidred spirit in just that.

If you think about it, kindred spirits come in all areas...all you need is a common interest, usually shared with passion.  It is almost like a quiet support group where people (for the most part) understand what you go through when you expose your inner self in art...or music...or writing...or photography...the list goes on.

Who do you consider your kindred spirit? 
Something to think about!


Monday, June 20, 2011

Finally, the day had arrived!  Nancy (my niece shown here) is holding mine and Robin Krieger's books!! We were so jazzed!!

The Madrone Studio, San Francisco, CA, was the perfect spot for this show.  Although it looks like only a few people are there, by the time we left, the studio was packed and folding chairs were brought out en masse!  The Art Co-op group did a fantabulous job of organizing, keeping the books flowing out for viewing and returning for restocking . 
The most impressive part was the kindness, respect and joy shared and displayed by the Art Co-op...they made the experience all that more enjoyable!  Kudos to you wonderful people!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

OMG!!!! Today is the day!  I am going to San Francisco today to see my Sketchbook 2011!!  I am so jazzed...and I'll be looking for my good friend Robin Krieger's book, too.  I will be going with my niece, Nancy, and hope to get some great pictures...which I'll post here!
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gift tags with a holder for the tag...add some money and you'll make someone VERY happy!! ...and a bookmark can always use a good book for holding it ;o)
We're almost into June, and with Memorial Day this weekend, I send my prayers and thoughts out to all the wonderful brave men and women who have given their lives or are giving of themselves for our country. May God bless you all and bring you home soon. On a less solemn note, I have been doing a few new things: corsage pins and hat pins for all the lovely hats worn by women who go to "tea" in the afternoon! Also, I have fallen in love with dominoes!! I'm taking a class through Roses on my Table and am very pleased with my results.
In March, my dear lovely neighbor, Beverly, had a birthday and I created this "Frida" collage for her along with a Zentangle birthday card of a bird. She loves birds and has many Hispanic artifacts in her house. She is truly one of my greatest inspirations in my life.
This is the inside of the birthday card mentioned above for my neighbor, Beverly. And, lastly, we celebrated Earth Day in Altered Arts of Visions and Dreams with a swap of Mother Earth Dolls (the one I made is below).

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thought I'd get some art put up here, it has been way too long. The "T" was just a practice piece that I did...I will frame and hang on the wall. The Owl (size is only 4" x 4") went to a friend in Altered Art of Visions & Dreams (AAVD). I will post the actual photo I took after I finish here. I also took copies, as this is my first really intense Zen-periment! The heart is one of four I sent out to participants for a group garland. Off to OZ to get stuff done!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Well, I didn't think I could do it and it only took me about an hour+ to figure it out (I must be tired), but I was able to finally get a Flikr photo link of my Sketchbook 2011 project on my blog. Whew...time to eat dinner!
Time to update, come up to speed, add something NEW!
Sooooo, now I have joyfully joined the wonderful and meditative world of ZENTANGLE! Yes, I have a ways to go, but I love this type of art and it truly is the best thing for me right now for relaxing and drifting off into the pen and paper. These are supposed to be letters - 'D' for my husband David, 'M' for my fellow member/artist in AAVD, Madge...though it has taken on a bit of an Elephant's shape LOL!

Friday, January 28, 2011

On January 19, 2011, I had to put down my beautiful Birman Nestle. He was 18 years, 9 months old. I had him only for about 10 years, but he was my buddy through so many tough times in my life. I miss him terribly, and it was a very hard decision to make. He was still eating & purring but had lost control of his potty habits. He was on medication for seizures and it was the right thing to do. I know he was in pain from arthritis, had trouble walking and his quality of life was so diminished. We did have 2 good hours with him to say our goodbyes, and our veterinarian was incredible making it a quick and peaceful ending.
Thank you to Dr. Timm, his staff and all my family and friends who have given me emotional support through this hard time. Hugs to you all, Terry