Thursday, June 12, 2008

I've added another Blog-site I hope everyone will visit. It belongs to a fellow "Visions and Dreams" member, Trish, and is very cool! She has featured one of the crows in our Fancy Crow Round Robin...a very fun RR. I have a little break from the timeline of the group right at the moment...I'm waiting for my next crow to fly in. I have gathered from my stash and from the local stores, goodies to use in a friendship card for my dear friend Yvonne. She is already done with my card and it is in the hands of Mr. Postman, so I have another goodie to look forward to receiving. Sometimes it is so hard to be creative or get an idea going as there are so many sad and distressing happenings in our country and around the world. One can only do so much (prayers, meditations and well wishes...supporting special aid organizations), and then you just have to carry on. I guess I am especially thankful for whatever good fortune has come my way, and hope that I have learned lessons from the very difficult times I've experienced. Life is a balancing act and we get to have only "one". Be good to yourselves and those around you.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

...also did my first "Mini-Composition Book" swap, so above is my contribution. I experimented (I am such a newbie at this) with a paint on paint stamping technique and pigment ink. The brand of ink I used did have a tendency to smear, so it created a challenge. I see now it can be used better if embossed over or sprayed with a matte sealer (I used that instead). Can't wait to see what wonderful creation I'll receive! The ladies in my group are all so talented and diverse - lots of surprises and imagination!
Also, I was in a "Coaster Swap" and above is my first attempt at creating an OZ-themed coaster...well, this one has ended up in my room "OZ" and works pretty well. The others have gone to swap.

These are the houses I received from Felicia for our "Little House Swap" (Altered Art of Visions and Dreams). The photos don't do justice to her lovely hand drawing and wonderful use of lively and pastel colors. Some of the doors open, too! Great job, Felicia!