Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just a little fun project I started 2 years ago!  The "face" is an iron-on patch with 2 buttons.  I fell in love with this piece of fabric and it all fell together.  First, I covered a 4" x 4" canvas with the fabric (staple gun).  I added the face & pins, then let it sit while life went rolling on its way.  Last year, after my husband gave me an old drill of his, I drilled holes in the sides.
Now, many months later, while watching baseball & resting I finally created the wire & bead antennae.  The earrings were added when I attached the face.  A little glue on the end of the wire, fit nicely into each hole and an extra dab of glue on the base bead.  Voila!  Another little art piece to hang on my bathroom wall.
It will remind me to smile and laugh at myself a little more...maybe not worry so much about things.
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