Monday, May 24, 2010

Okay, I will try and add the pics of my art journal for the Round Robin we're doing in my group. I've chosen the name "Prism Journey" because I used the colors of the rainbow, and I give FULL credit to my husband for helping me with that name...Thank you sweetpea! The pic with the Heart is the front, the title is on the inside, then sign in page, then my yellow spread, and finally the colors for all the ladies to use. I know I won't get them in order, so please bear with the craziness LOL! Hope you enjoy, and I'll post when the journal comes home! Peace.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I just (literally) finished my lesson in collage from "Artistic Journaling...Your Way". It's in remembrance of my mom who passed away 7 years ago. Only one more lesson...self portrait of sorts...and I'm done with the class. I highly recommend it...even if you don't care for my art, it is a great class LOL!
Peace everyone.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Can you also say "Spring is in the Air"? That is the title for our group's newest monthly project. all Third Thursdays are quick little pieces of art with a theme. I know many groups have done weekly and monthly swaps, so this is not unusual. But, it does help with keeping one in the art mode, even if just for a bit at a time, and also gives us something to look forward to sharing with others. Mine has the "bouncing" bee, springin from flower to flower...a little corny, but cute. This is the first time I've used watercolor crayons...who'd a thunk! Not too different from pencils, at least so far. Maybe after a few more tries I'll see some difference.
These two pages are the next lesson in my 'Art Journaling, Your Way' class.
Though the pages are reversed (The Sun page is #2) you get the idea.
This was fun and actually very freeing. You start with a gessoed page(s) and then write with your opposite writing hand a letter to yourself, or thoughts you want to express maybe quietly and not so openly for everyone to see. Next is layers of color, and more shapes and words. My only regret is that I should hav taken a picture of my hidden words...I really covered them more than expected or intended (make note to self!). But I am pleased and am ready to move on to the next adventure (aka Lesson).