Friday, March 13, 2009

Well, Happy Friday the 13th! Again I am remiss in adding to my blog. This time I have good reason. I have been asked to help moderate our Altered Arts of Visions and Dreams group along with Dove. I am so honored and happy to be helping out and it is really putting me to the test of my artistic ability! My thinking cap is on and tuned in to everything around me...I am constantly looking for new ideas and ways to tweek the old ones. I also have been busy typing up my mother's recipe for our family recipe blog. I've quite a few more to do, then they get sent off to my nephew to upload to the site. This is a wonderful way to share the delicious recipes my mom, and actually all the wonderful cooks in my family, have used and created with each other and anyone else who visits the blog. I try to add a little 'history' when I can; it is amazing how simply reading recipes or notes can stir wonderful memories of 'mom over the stove' and her little special ways of doing things. Okay, back to the drawing board! Have a wonderful safe weekend!