Saturday, November 27, 2010

We are still continuing to work on our art journals, though times are tough, busy and the economy is hurting us all. None the less, I worked on 3 spreads in my dear friend Robin's journal. I think it will continue on to one more artist, then make its way home. I've many projects to finish for the year end, so I'll get back to creating! Enjoy and namaste.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Art Journal RR is still moving's a little harder with the economy affecting everyone, and life's other interruptions (injuries, death), but I have completed a few... The first pic is my addition to Kristal's journal. I used pictures of my great-grandparents (mother's side). The second pic is Jen's journal. She chose "our bodies, our selves" as a, that was a great challenge! The sunflower entry is for Dove's journal; "Friendship is the golden thread that ties all hearts together". It certainly does in this group. The last picture is for Cheri's journal - she is our friend across the Big Pond (England). So, I'd better get going and finish up Kimberly's. Yes, Robin...I have been procrastinating but with good reasons this time LOLOL! Enjoy the weekend and especially the EXTRA HOUR OF SLEEP!!! It is about time!! And as always...thanks for stopping by! Terry
Two of my favorite things are cats and coffee. I joined in the "Art in a Jar" swap in my group and came up with this crazy little idea of cats at a coffe shop. It was to be a summer theme and after browsing the sticker aisle and my own sticker stash, it all just came together. Of course, I was thirsty for some Starbucks by the time I was done.........
Zentagle is becoming quite a craze with my friends. It is an art form that is fun, freeing and easy to cart around. As I was flying to So. Dakota, I took my art journal (one of many) and did some "Tangling". The pictures above are from a Round Robin we recently finished. We chose small 4" x 6" photo albums (thank you Dove) and we each got to choose a theme. I wanted a Zentangle one so the ladies came through and did a fabulous job!! I agree with you, Dove - I will paint the dove's heart red!
Another Round Robin we had fun doing was similar to an earlier one...5" x 7" canvas using black & white shades only. This time we chose 2 colors and a metallic. I chose blue, ochre and copper and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results! The ladies in Altered Arts of Visions and Dreams are so talented, so "playing" with them is always a joy! Thank you Robin, Dove, and Kristal for playing in these two RR's! You ladies always amaze me and I look forward to some exciting projects to share with you next year!
Today, I'm going to try and upload swaps I've been involved with over the past several months. We moved into Autumn and Halloween with our work, but mostly Autumn. This is a mini-compolsition book I made for our swap...the front has the heart on it. I tried just being free with tissue paper, leaves and matte medium. My dear friend Robin is trying to get me to stop looking at being perfectionistic and be more...well, I'll say haphazard LOLOL, but really I just need to be more open, loose, free with the way I approach things. I do procrastinate because I think I'll find the perfect thing to do/make/create. WRONG! She actually gave me instructions - a sort of exercise - to try. As we talked on the phone, she dictated to me and I now call it the "Robin's Butt-Kicking Class" and I am forever grateful to her for it! She has definitely got me going LOLOL!
It is now November and I have been delayed once more in posting because of the death of my dear Uncle Bud (86). A trip to So. Dakota is always fun, and seeing relatives you haven't seen in years is wonderful...but this was a very bittersweet trip. God speed, Uncle had a wonderful life and your smile and jokes will be missed.