Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am so very excited!  Yesterday I received my first check for sales of items I had on consignment at our local gift shop, The Cottage Exchange.  It is a wonderful shop in downtown Dixon, CA, and is host to a variety of items from local artists.  Please check out the pictures she has posted and if you're ever near Sacramento, CA, we're just 15 minutes west on I80...we'd love to have you stop by!
It's October and Halloween (my favorite) is just around the corner!  Halloween Triptychs was a swap I hosted in AAVD with wonderful results!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ok, I had to add this one after visiting my friend Di's blog!  She has a picture of a dragonfly on her flowers by her mailbox.  Hers has a 2-eyed head and mine looks like a cyclops!  Check it out on di-did-it (see link below).
This is a favorite of mine...Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion.  I made this for an AAVD swap of 4" x 6" healing cards and I must say I love it!  I should have made two LOL!  Anyway, my friend who received it was very happy with it, and that's what is important!  We can all use a little healing these days.

Well, that was quick! I forgot I made 2 bottle charms for my dear friends Robin and Dove!  These were so fun to do, and I need to make more!

Then I also made some 2" x 2"'s for Altered Art of Visions and Dreams.  The first 3 I hooked together on a long piece of ribbon (Sept. swap), the second set was for the October swap.  Tiny little bits of fun!

Well, yesterday was my 58th birthday!  I spent it fishing with my husband (I caught 2, he caught 1) and putting around in quiet coves in our little boat, Sparky.  The day before, my dear friend and neighbor took us and my mom-in-law out to a delicious lunch.  I received many good wishes and extra special news that my niece got a job!  Awesome!  Each passing year and birthday celebrated is more important to me and I keep trying to make the best of them.  This weekend I'll be celebrating with my Uncle Bob who turned 90 on the same day (Oct. 12).  Let's see, 90-58= 32...YIKES!  That doesn't seem like a lot of time in some respects.  This is where you start really thinking about making your mark in this life, on this beautiful blue marble called Earth.
I've treated myself to a Domino Book class and am anxious to start...but I also have many other things to work on; no matter how hard I try to be organized, I have to laugh it off and just say, "It will all get done in time!"
Thanks for stopping by - I hope to post some art very soon!