Thursday, June 10, 2010

At is my finished Black & White Canvas from our group's Round Robin! I am so excited and thrilled with the finished result of 7 artitsts on this little 5" x 7" canvas. Who would know what to expect...that is the fun of it! I named this piece "Serenity" when I sent it on its way, and I saw the progress as it traveled from artist to artist, each adding a special touch that has become so dear. One may look and say, "It's so busy", but to me it truly is serene from the lovely ladies, to the shells, baubles & beads, to the dream catcher. It is a cherished piece that has been carefully scultped...and no, I did not peek at the final picture posted! I waited for the real deal and it took my breath away. Thank you all, ladies of Altered Art of Visions and Dreams!