Monday, July 25, 2011

We have all heard too many times how "life is short", "stop and smell the roses", "live your dreams...". 
Yesterday, after coming home from a wonderful weekend with my family and friends, I logged into my art group e-mail and learned that a member of an art group I am in had passed away.  In an earlier post, I uploaded pictures of a page that was going into a book for Betty Miller - it was the "Kindred Spirits for Betty" project, initiated by Cristina Zinnia Galliher, owner of Roses on My Table art group.  So many members who knew her very well, or for only a few weeks, and even those who had never met Betty, all came together to create a book - which turned into 3 books - expressing not only 'well wishes', but how much she meant to all of them.
I was one who had just befriended Betty in the group and it is through this out-pouring of affection and tribute that I have gotten to know how much Betty touched people's lives.  I am so very happy that I contributed a page, touching her life in such a small way...not knowing how much she touched mine and will continue to as I long as I am a member of Roses on My Table.
I have experienced the loss of many family members and friends; it will never get easier, but so much can be learned, so much can be shared.
So, today take a little time to appreciate what you have around you, stop and smell the roses, love one another and live your dreams.
God Bless you, Betty, and condolences to you family and friends.

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