Sunday, August 10, 2008

How about that...I did have pics! I didn't take pictures of them after I worked on them though - I guess I got behind. I do know I added a beaded necklace that said "Expect Miracles" on the striped crow, and crocheted a fancy scarf for the green crow. These birds really rock!

And at last, the final three. "Bubbles" (with one of my favorite characters, 'Glinda, the Good Witch'), "How MUCH??", and a simple "How Does Your Garden Grow"...with a feline gardener, of course!

I find as more and more of these projects come along, the need to truly think and create outside the box becomes the command. It is one thing to think about "how" you want your RR project to come out, let alone how it will really be "looked at" and added to. The anticipation as your project sails from one artist to another...the mystery of what they see...and the total joy when your project is returned! I must say I love Round Robins more than Swaps because of the multiple participants!

I have learned recently that my crow, Mr. Eye Ching, is making his last stop before his trek home to me. I have missed him so, but am so excited for his return. I have worked on 6 other crows in this RR, and am so tickled at the differences! Most of us chose the traditional "black" for the crow, while 2 others chose brightly colored fabric. Kudos to the ladies who took their crows out of the ordinary and into true altered rainbow birds of glory!! If I took a picture of them, I will post them later.

Okay is the next set of three - "Music", "Hang On" and "Simply Black & White".

I have received my first set of cards from Robin to work on - always a joy to have her work in my hands as it is so beautiful and creative!! I learn so much from her!

These are 3 of 9 Glue cards from the most current Round Robin in Visions & Dreams. I'm having trouble with the uploading, so I'll try the others in another post. This is my set and will be added to by 7 other artists. "Celeste", "Life's Passions" and "Heads Up"...I think those are the names LOL! I wrote so many ideas down that when I finally sent the cards off, I forgot to write the final titles in my journal. C'est la vie!