Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It has been a few days since I posted and I hope this finds all who read this doing well. Dixon, CA, is home to the new Sacramento Valley VA National Cemetery; something we were unaware of until it opened last year. After this past Memorial Day weekend, we drove by the cemetery on our way home. My husband and I haven't been down that way in awhile and it struck us so deeply how many more headstones are there. There were about 6 very large American flags put up for this special day; many flowers and people were there to pay their respects. It is a rather stark, treeless cemetery...it hasn't developed the beauty of Arlington National or Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, MO, but I'm sure there are plans. We both feel honored to have this bittersweet landmark in our home town, and we pray the war will end soon. We both want to express our many thanks to all who have served (I have 4 in my immediate family alone) and those who are still serving our country...those who "stand on the wall" to keep us (USA) safe. May they return safely and may we take care of them and those who have returned, with all the love, caring and medical (ALL fields) assistance they so rightly deserve. God bless all our soldiers.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We just had a nice unexpected visit from a great friend that my husband has known since...well, too long ago to remember. He was working at the University near our home and was heading back home to the Bay Area (where we used to live). Thanks, Dean, for the visit - you and Elizabeth are always welcome here! When are we going fishing??? I was able to get a lot of gardening done today and then off to several stores including the fairly local Michael's where I bought goodies for more projects coming up. I'll be seeing my friend Von next week for the first time in who knows how many years, so good things are happening. Friends are so very important in our lives, especially ones we've kept in touch with forever and those we find again. I feel very fortunate to have had both.
"The Tall house of Cards" (aka double decker...) and "A Native Home". "The House of the Paper Route" and "Castle #13".
I finished and mailed off the creations above for a recent Little House Swap for the group I'm in. They are a bit different...can't make a village in the same time period, but not bad for a first attempt. I'm very excited about receiving my houses which should be here in a few days.

Monday, May 12, 2008

...some personal happy news to share... I had a wonderful surprise happen to me this weekend. In the latest edition of Somerset Studio, I noticed a picture in the reader's letters of a painted addressed envelope/package. The name beneath it blew my socks off!! It was sent in by my best friend from 37+ years ago; I had lost track of her (she is the friend mentioned in my May 3 post). Anyway, I finally tracked her down and talked with her for 3 hours on Saturday. (Note to self - check schedule, make plans for long visit ASAP:o)))) Although I missed her first publication of handbags in another Somerset Magazine (sorry, Von), I did get to see her other spread in the first volume 2007 of "SEW SOMERSET" and I highly recommend checking out her lovely wearable fabric art!! Her name is Yvonne Montano, the article is 'FABRIC MEMORIES'. I am so thrilled to have found my friend again, and look forward to seeing her in person; we have a lot of weaving of our own fabric memories to do, along with just good old fashioned catching up!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

I honor of Mother's day, I've posted a button fairy I did recently for a swap. This one is of special sentiment to me as it has the picture of my Mom when she was just 14 years old for the face of the butterfly. She loved butterflies, so it only seemed appropriate she should be one here. I miss her very much. Happy Mother's Day to you, Mom, and all the other mom's here and who've flown on.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It is really frustrating being a computer dork...I have been trying for a very long time to post a slideshow and I can't get it to show up on my site. It is not meant to be at this time, but it is time for me to plant my pumpkin & cubanelle plants, Blue lake bean seeds and enjoy some sun. Too much time has been expended on this and I need to knock off my creative block to finish a project with a deadline quickly approaching. Attitude adjustment is greatly needed here, too, so off to the garden I go...sigh.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

as a side note...I've been meaning to add the pic of my contribution to Jo Anne Owen's pink project "IN THE PINK - a collaborative book project 2008" on PAPER CAT'S PAGE!! http://paper-cats-page.blogspot.com/ . I'm sure there is a way to list a link in a more appropriate way...Jo Anne, my apology for fumbling at this (another part of blogging to learn, it never ends). I am so impressed with the pinks that have evolved for her project - a good place to visit. Thank you, Jo Anne, for the chance to expand out of the box one more time.
It is Saturday, the weather is begging summer, my new little plants are crying to be put into the ground. But an old friend was found yesterday and I received an e-mail from her, and my husband called to say a great garage sale is down the street by his mom's and there's cool stuff (yes, I bought some things, unlike me), and I stopped in the middle of posting to answer the e-mail, go to the garage sale, visit my m-in-law, now I'm back. It seems appropriate at this juncture to add flowers from my cactus & the climbing rose in my back yard in celebration of these few events.