Monday, September 19, 2011

TaDAAAAH!!  Here is the new addition to our little family - Buddy Davis, born May 1, 2011!  He is an absolute total joy and our older cat, Dixie, is starting to enjoy his company, too!  You can often hear the pitter patter of little horses galloping at a lightening pace back and forth, from one end of the hallway to the other.  And we have the pleasure of experiencing all the little "kitten tricks" that we haven't seen in years!  There is the sideways run with arched back, fur fluffed, when he sees his mirror image; he has learned to fetch the catnip pillow when thrown from the bed down the hall, bounding at high speed off the bed, legs spread out like a flying squirrel, then with pillow in mouth, returns it to be thrown again.  He will carry the pillow, look for one of us and then drop it at our feet to beg another toss.  He talks more than a normal kitten, answering us with specific meows, and sits crying in the window when we are outside...he's too young for the outdoors still, but we know his older brother Dixie will have his paws full!
Every day is a new day for Buddy, and also for us.  We miss our Nestle, and though Buddy is not a replacement, he has filled a hole in my heart that needed attention more than I thought.  Funny how an animal can be that perfect companion at times; if he would only stay a kitten...he is already growing into his ears faster than we want.  Alas, he will be a great adult!
Thanks for stopping by!  Meoooow! 

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di from di-did-it said...

I so enjoyed this post... as soon as my hubby gets a job, we'd like to get another kitten or young adult cat after the loss of one of our boys in March of this year. Enjoy your newest family member!