Saturday, November 6, 2010

Today, I'm going to try and upload swaps I've been involved with over the past several months. We moved into Autumn and Halloween with our work, but mostly Autumn. This is a mini-compolsition book I made for our swap...the front has the heart on it. I tried just being free with tissue paper, leaves and matte medium. My dear friend Robin is trying to get me to stop looking at being perfectionistic and be more...well, I'll say haphazard LOLOL, but really I just need to be more open, loose, free with the way I approach things. I do procrastinate because I think I'll find the perfect thing to do/make/create. WRONG! She actually gave me instructions - a sort of exercise - to try. As we talked on the phone, she dictated to me and I now call it the "Robin's Butt-Kicking Class" and I am forever grateful to her for it! She has definitely got me going LOLOL!

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di from di-did-it said...

oh boy can I relate to what you said in this post! I might have to call Robin and take her "butt kicking class" too if it'll help me make wonderful pieces like these!