Monday, May 12, 2008

...some personal happy news to share... I had a wonderful surprise happen to me this weekend. In the latest edition of Somerset Studio, I noticed a picture in the reader's letters of a painted addressed envelope/package. The name beneath it blew my socks off!! It was sent in by my best friend from 37+ years ago; I had lost track of her (she is the friend mentioned in my May 3 post). Anyway, I finally tracked her down and talked with her for 3 hours on Saturday. (Note to self - check schedule, make plans for long visit ASAP:o)))) Although I missed her first publication of handbags in another Somerset Magazine (sorry, Von), I did get to see her other spread in the first volume 2007 of "SEW SOMERSET" and I highly recommend checking out her lovely wearable fabric art!! Her name is Yvonne Montano, the article is 'FABRIC MEMORIES'. I am so thrilled to have found my friend again, and look forward to seeing her in person; we have a lot of weaving of our own fabric memories to do, along with just good old fashioned catching up!!


Val Foster said...

This is a very neat story. You must've been so excited to get back in touch with her. It's a small world after all, isn't it? Thanks for sharing this.

Also, thanks for putting me in your blogroll. I put you in mine too.

Jo Anne O. said...

Hi Terry! Dropped over to say hi and reply to the message you left on my blog...for sure, I will be posting photos as I go through the process of putting the In The Pink book together...hope to be starting on it soon and I will email all participants when I have updated my blog with the photos, etc.

How FUN to get to reconnect with an old friend though Somerset! That is SO cool! I hope you get to meet up and get caught up on all the missed years!

Have a great weekend!!! Smiles!