Friday, April 16, 2010

Okay, once again time flies. The Group is going very well with a Black & White canvas Round Robin which I can't wait to get my hands on the next one in line...they are all turning out so incredibly beautiful! Imagination and creative muses are flowing freely in this group. But, to the pictures here - I am in the Creative Workshops "Art Journaling, Your Way" class and have done 2 lessons. The first one is the crazy doodle above, the second is one using watercolors and words. This is a great workshop to be in - it is the second class I've joined and will continue with them! As for other happenings, today is my 33rd wedding anniversary. Our garden is growing like crazy now that we have some California sunshine after much needed rain showers. My cactii and succulents are getting trimmed when time allows, and pictures will be taken as their blooms open. Many of these plants are from my mother's and father-in-law's gardens after they both passed away. My husband and I share a special connection with our parents through these lovely green, red, and gray toned life shapes...we see them as alive beyond the fact they are plants. They bring us joy, changes of seasons and wonderful rememberings of our parents. These adornments in our yard are bursting with love and happiness. Also, with the Vernal Equinox, we have the return of our "house rainbows"! I have crystals hanging in my kitchen window and when the Vernal and Autmnal equinoxes occur (March 21 and September 21 approx.), the sun hits just at the right angle and rainbows bounce off the crytals and fly around my kitchen and family room. Sometimes a rainbow will land in a special place...last year it landed on the signature of my Aunt Ruth's painting - so fitting! Well, time to take on the day...if you stop by, thank you and have a great weekend!


Dove said...

I love your doodles, and how you pose questions to yourself in your journal. I always write mundane stuff; like the chores I did and such... So cool to write down those questions we ask ourselves inside all the time!

I love hearing about the rainbows! We have crystals in our house too!

Therese said...

Thanks, Dove...therapy, having a background in drama/music and all the art I've been exposed to helps LOL!! My family is full of artists (only one was a professional) and my mom was a true renaissance woman - she did so many things, had many interests that she introduced me to...sewing, cooking and even astrology, to name just a few. And I was born with a very curious mind when it comes to understanding human emotion and perception. Geez, I should fly out your way someday and then I could REALLY bore you with my ramblings LOLOL!