Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Paddy's Day (Patty's?). So a lot has been going on in my life; much is not so great, but I don't need to mention it here. I am now back and ready to try and keep up the blog with a little more diligence.
I have been asked to be co-owner of Altered Art of Visions and Dreams...I am so excited and humbled, and love working with everyone in the group. We have done several swaps including the cards featured above. We decided to do Passport Cards of 2 places we dream to visit some day...mine being Alaska and Australia. We then will put them into our own passport folder (which I still need to make). All the cards are so beautiful and make you want to take flight!
My focus for now is on 2 things: I am currently writing instructions for some new swaps (need to not get bogged down in this LOL) and I am also taking a class from Creative Workshops called "Artistic Journaling, Your Way" by Jodi Ohl. I've tried journaling in the past, and have many books that have maybe 20-40 pages written, but then the rest is left blank. Not sure what to do with them since they date back to the 80's. Perhaps I'll take out the written pages, put them in order chronologically and then start again with the blank books. I'm slow to getting into a good rhythm with this class, though I do have the first lesson almost done - thank goodness these classes don't have a time schedule. I do love the content and will learn more about using a lot of the mediums I have laying around. It is also going to be a very 'freeing' class; much of what I am sure to learn will flow into my life and my future art.
Well, I'll say bye for now - I have a Black & White Round Robin canvas to add to and am anxious to get my hands creatively dirty!!

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di from di-did-it said...

Great to have you back! I'm impressed that you've got 20-40 pages dones in several art journals & your idea of combining them sounds like a wonderful option.
I hope the 'not-so-great' stuff turns around very soon!