Tuesday, May 4, 2010

These two pages are the next lesson in my 'Art Journaling, Your Way' class.
Though the pages are reversed (The Sun page is #2) you get the idea.
This was fun and actually very freeing. You start with a gessoed page(s) and then write with your opposite writing hand a letter to yourself, or thoughts you want to express maybe quietly and not so openly for everyone to see. Next is layers of color, and more shapes and words. My only regret is that I should hav taken a picture of my hidden words...I really covered them more than expected or intended (make note to self!). But I am pleased and am ready to move on to the next adventure (aka Lesson).


~~Kristal~~ said...

Wow.. terry your journal pages are amazing.. I am fairly new to the journal thing when it comes to writing in them instead of just decorating them. These are inspirational.. Thank you..


di from di-did-it said...

Great journal pages, Terry! On the left page I see the night sky while I see underwater on the right page (not your intent, I know). I like it!