Saturday, May 30, 2009

Here is just another side of my garden. Well, I share it with my husband and cats, but I love it. My grape arbor was built as a gift and is a very peaceful sitting place. I can view all the garden from there and with the grape vines going crazy, it is very cool in the hot summer heat. One of my other favorites is my basil goat! I tried growing flowers in him, but he likes the basil better. And there's tomatoes, corn, carrots, morning glories, zucchini...and lots of other small plantings of veggies not shown here. Maybe someday we'll plow a little more turf and make a more 'proper' garden. For now, this will be just fine! Hubby used his expertise and got our little cherub fountain to work again, too; the birds love the fresh water!

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